Heros On the Water Music City Chapter

by CJ Scott

The idea to create a Heroes On the Water chapter in TN became my passion as I wrapped up a 20-year career in the Air Force. Knowing that I would be relocating back to Tennessee I was bound and determined to get a chapter started and I knew that Nashville was the place to center it. After reaching out to some of the “God- fathers” of the kayak fishing movement in the state the ball started rolling fast!

HOWThe Heroes On the Water Music City Chapter kicked off in August of 2016. Being surrounded by some of the best waterways in the country and home to a number of anglers that already supported HOW our excitement and involvement crew rapidly. 2017 will be our second year and we are all excited to spread the benefits and enjoyment that kayak fishing can bring to a person.

One of the most dedicated supporters since the Music City chapter inception has been Hook1 Outfitters. Their support is directly related to our success and ability to continue to provide the enjoyment of kayak fishing to veterans and their families. And I truly believe that our volunteer base is the best around, we never go without boats or equipment even though we don’t have any of our own as a chapter just yet.

For me this chapter means so much more than just having a HOW chapter in TN. When I first wanted to get a chapter started that was my primary goal, now it goes much deeper than that. Being a veteran myself this chapter constantly reminds me of the calmness that can only be obtained on the water. Away from all the distractions in life, the phone calls, the social media, the news, you name it; kayak fishing can take it off your plate and truly let you relax.

Anyone who wants to be a part of the HOW Music City chapter, either as a warrior (veteran and their family members) or volunteer (kayak guide or ground crew) feel free to email us. And to stay up-to- date on our events and what we have going on follow us on Facebook

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