Kayak Power Fishing

by Craig Dye

 When it comes to trying to get a limit quickly in a tournament or just wanting to get as many bites as possible, power fishing from a kayak is my number one technique.  I don't know if it's A.D.D. or if it's me getting bored quickly  but I love covering water and hitting every piece of cover I can find with a crankbait or spinnerbait. 

Power fishing means you are running water to get the reaction bite.  It's basically the opposite of finesse fishing.  When guys fish around me for the first time, they probably think I had 5 cups a coffee on the drive in; I'm all over place. I'll hit a stump, then the rip rap bank, then the windblown point, just to get that one bite. I honestly think I cover twice as much as most guys. Here are a couple tips and tricks I use to get those few extra bites.

Install a rudder
A rudder is the #1 accessory I recommend to all anglers in a fishing kayak.  Having both of your hands free while fishing means more casts which in theory should mean more bites. You can fish an 100 yard stretch of wind-blown bank without picking up your paddle once. Just use the foot controlled rudder to keep heading in the right direction.  This will give you an advantage over other anglers without one. 

Use high speed reels
When you are fishing fast and covering water you will most likely be drifting toward your target.  With the forward momentum of your kayak, it's hard to catch up and get a good hook set with a slower reel.  With a high speed reel you have more control and lose less fish at the boat. I try to stick 7.1:1 gear ratios or faster for all power fishing.

Top lures for power fishing
Since I'm covering water and mostly fishing shallow here are a couple of my favorite power fishing lures.

Strikeking KVD 1.5 Squarebill crankbait -  It bounces off wood great for that reaction bite and can be fished from 1' down to about 4'.  I throw it on a 7' Medium action rod with 12lb test monofilament combined with a 13 Fishing Concept E 7.3:1 reel.

War Eagle 1/2 oz Spinnerbait - If the wind picks up I'll quickly pick up a spinnerbait thrown on the Concept E as well with 17lb mono.  It can fished virtually anywhere and usually catches big ones.

Z-Man Chatterbait - When around grass, especially if the wind is blowing, I'll chunk a chatterbait all day.  It casts well in the wind and it's hard beat the vibration it puts off. 


Top colors
The fish only have a split second to decide whether to eat the lure or not, so when it comes to colors, I keep it very simple.  If the water is clear, than I'm throwing anything natural.  Whites, greys, or a combination of the two can be considered natural.  If the water is stained, a white and chartreuse combo is hard to beat. This color can pretty much catch them anywhere. If it's really muddy, I'll pick an all chartreuse, or black/chartreuse combo can be deadly as well.

Good luck out there and I hope these kayak power fishing tips will help you land more fish.