Why Do I Kayak Fish

by Joey Kelly

I get this question often. It's really a simple but yet long answer. I came from the bass boat tournament side. Fishing to me was more than a hobby. It was a way for me to connect with people outside of my circle. It was something for me to do with my son. Maybe because I was new, maybe because my Basstracker did not cost 50K. I'm not sure, but I never felt welcomed. I had saw a few guys fishing in a kayak and started asking questions. They talked to me more about fishing in that 30 minutes than any bass boat guy had that whole tournament season.

I knew my fishing life was about to change. I knew nothing about kayaks or fishing from one. I went the next day and bought a kayak and everything I needed to start fishing with it. I immediately joined a local Facebook group and signed up to fish a tournament with them. Those men and woman made me feel like I was part of their personal family from the time I showed up at the ramp. I've been welcomed into their homes, camped with them, shared meals with them. It's also taught me to be a better fisherman. In a kayak you can no longer run and gun. You are required to commit to a spot and fish it.

It's made me learn how to pattern fish, what they are eating that day, how to use my electronics, how to dissect a certain area I am going to fish in. It's made me a better person. You are fishing out of a piece of molded plastic. You are almost one with the water. You are out there in the open with only your paddle and a few survival essentials. You learn to be humbled and to not take the lake, River or any body of water for granted.  I've never felt more at peace than when I am on my kayak over looking miles of open water. In my bass boat I never got to hear the sounds the animals make. I never got to just stop and enjoy a sunrise or sunset. It was no longer the hobby I thought it was going to be. It was more of a chore. Being in a kayak has made a special bond between my son and I. He has his own kayak and we can often be seen just paddling around together just allowing him to be a child. I urge you, If you think you want to try kayak fishing give it a chance. Find me, Look me up, I'll gladly loan you mine and even take you to the lake and answer any questions I can for you.

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