Angler Scout

Bending Branches

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Bending Branches Paddles - Angler Scout

Youve discovered the adrenaline rush known as kayak fishing, and now you want a paddle that will take you to the action. The Angler Scout is what you want. There are going to be some mistakes along the way, but luckily there is a paddle to help get you through it. A paddle built to take tough knocks, the Scout provides beat-it-up durability at a wallet-friendly price.

An entry-level paddle, the Scout provides great value, along with qualities you expect from Bending Branches: functional design, light weight and durable construction. Any way you look at it, its quite a catch.

Enjoy having the right blade color for your trip. The Sage Green blade helps you sneak up on the fish, while the Autumn Orange blade is a bright option for any waters.



Blade Material: Fiberglass-Reinforced Nylon

Blade Size: 6.9" x 17.5" (95 sq in)

Blade Color: Sage Green or Sunset Orange

Shaft Color: Black

Shaft Type: Aluminum

Lengths Available: 220 cm, 230 cm, 240 cm, 250 cm, and 260 cm

Weight: 37 oz (1049g)

Drip Rings: Black - Heavy Duty

Ferrule Angles: 0º & 60º - Left or Right

Shaft Size: Standard


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