Wilderness Systems ATAK 140

Wilderness Systems

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The Wilderness Systems ATAK 140 fishing kayak features an sit-on-top, open design that allows the full customization of the kayak to meet the needs of any kayak fisherman or environment.  The low-profile, wind-shedding SMART hull will keep you on the water longer.

Wilderness Systems' SMART hull provides for unparalleled stability, maneuverability, acceleration, responsiveness, and tracking. 

This premium fishing kayak has all the core attributes that you are looking. The deck is highly walkable and stable, yet remains nimble and stealth.

The Wilderness Systems AirPro MAX seat has extended travel along much of the length of the craft. The seat can be quickly adjusted fore/aft on-the-fly giving you a large clear deck. The AirPro MAX seat provides high, low, and recline positions for great visibility and stability.

With 3 pairs of SlideTrax on the rear, mid, and front of the ATAK 140, there is plenty of space to attach all of your favorite accessories.  The tankwell in the back provides a large area for you to manage all of your fishing gear.

The Wilderness Systems ATAK 140 also includes a Rectangular Stern Hatch with Bungee and SlideTrax on the stern of the craft. This gives a versatile storage system allowing you to stow rods, electronic batteries, and more in the stern of the kayak.  The FlexPod OS is a removable Console System.   Mount your fish finder, battery, and transducer in a removable pod or use it to mount the Helix MD™ Motor Drive.



LENGTH: 14' 1" / 430 cm
WIDTH: 34" / 86 cm
BOAT WEIGHT: 86 lbs. / 39 kg
DECK HEIGHT: 15.5" / 39 cm
MAX CAPACITY: 550 lbs. / 250 kg

AirPro MAX Seating System w/ Extended Travel
Enclosed Bow Storage w/ Integrated Paddle Park
FlexPod OS Removable Console
Utility Tray w/ Removable Cover
Open Deck Walk Space w/ Traction Pads
5.5" Midship Hatch
Rectangular Stern Hatch Provides Hull Access & Versatility w/ Bungee & SlideTrax
Bow & Stern Oversized Metal Grab Handles
Molded-In Side Handles
Foam Battery & Rod Stager in Stern Storage Area
Self-Bailing Scupper Holes
Keepers XL

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