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Assault Paddle

Backwater Paddles

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  • 10% fiberglass infused polypropylene blade for strength and durability
  • UV additive for blade longevity
  • Foam hand grip for comfort and lanyard attached for security
  • Dimensions: 22 long by 6 wide compact, yet lethal
  • Weight: 12 ounces
  • It Floats. One time or another, we will all drop the paddle over the side of our kayaks
  • Yellow/red lanyard for security and to make location and retrieval from the water easier
  • Veteran-owned, American-manufactured in Valdosta, Georgia
  • 100% guaranteed from breakage


Paddling one day in Central Florida, the Assault Hand Paddles inventor, Ed Halm, came across a strainer blocking the local river. He tried to dislodge the structure, but came up short-handed with only a kayak paddle. As a US Navy Survival Instructor, failure was not an option. What he needed was a WWII Air Force Jungle Survival weapon, commonly known today as a Woodsmans Tool, but one that was better suited for on-the-water use. A hook would have grabbed onto the debris and a toothed end could have been used to push it downstream. Halm set out to create a kayakers version. After a few mangled prototypes; he developed and patented Backwaters unique hook and teeth blade design, now seen on the Assault Hand Paddle.

Short of using rotary or reciprocating tools in your effort, you will not break this paddle. If you do HOOK 1 will replace the paddle, no charge. (You better have a badass story, too!) Backwaters paddles are 100% guaranteed from breakage!


  • Duck hunters use the Assault Hand Paddle to stealthily maneuver their kayak for the best shot presentation and game retrieval.
  • Paddle sport photographers use the hand paddles to position their boats for maximum subject exposure and background framing.
  • Paddle sport adventurers use the hand paddles for close quarter maneuvering in tight spaces in lieu of their seven foot kayak paddle.

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