Freedom Paddle


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Paddleboarders told us they want a paddle that’s durable, lightweight…and looks really cool. Meet the Aqua-Bound Freedom Stand-Up paddle. With a 100% carbon shaft, contoured palm grip and fiberglass-reinforced proprietary resin blade, the Freedom weighs only 29 oz. so your time on the water will be less fatiguing. Perfect for intermediate paddleboarders, its stiff, durable blade delivers more power with every stroke: no whippy, wimpy blade here. And…it looks really cool. This paddle’s ocean blue blade and grip – and its Polynesian graphics – make a real statement on the water.

Shaft: 100% Carbon with 10 degree bend

Blade Size: 8.5" x 16.5" (100 sq in)

Blade: Proprietary Resin Reinforced with Fiberglass (Ocean Blue)

Lengths: 70/80 or 76/86

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