2017 Kayaker Gift Guide under $25

Welcome to Hook 1 Outfitters' 2017 Kayaker Gift Guide for gifts under $25.00! These items have been hand-selected with both the recreational paddler and fishing paddler in mind.

For our recreational paddlers, the Kayak Deck Light with Suction Cup Base provides a way to paddle legally before sunrise or after sunset. The powerful suction cup mounts to any smooth kayak surface providing an easy way to attached this 360 degree lamp. A well nut mount is included for those kayaks with a textured surface. It also includes a lanyard to secure the light if it is dislodged.

The Multimount Cup Holder provides from YakAttack provides an easy way to mount a cup holder to your kayak. It attaches via a T-bolt and works with most track mounting plates (don't forget your track adapter if it is a FeelFree kayak). The cup holder is a great way to carry your water bottle or contain your small pieces and tools while out fishing.

Sometimes you need a third hand just to hold your fishing rod, your board, your fish, your paddle -- well you get the picture. The Premium Paddle Leash from Sea-Lect Designs makes sure that your paddle doesn't get away from you. This model comes with a leash and strap, also available with a paddle clip for a bit more.

The standard when it comes to keeping drinks hot or cold, the Yeti 20oz Rambler provides the highest quality materials and technology with a design that can withstand the harshest day. 

One of the most innovative products from YakAttack, the Rotogrip Paddle Holder is a track mounted paddle holder. The soft rollers securely hold the paddle with right amount of tension to hold it. Oh,and did we mention how quiet it is when securing your paddle?

The Twilights Camp Lights from ENO provide just the right amount of soft illumination while camping. The multicolored option give that festive feel and, in our camping experience, keep down the nocturnal invasion of insects versus traditional white light. Lightweight and compact these make every overnight trip we take.

We want to think that every trip we take will go exactly the way we planned. But that's not always the case. The Traverse from SOL provides key survival and emergency equipment when things don't go as planned.

Rounding out our safety equipment, an Ultralight/Watertight Medical Kit from Adventure Medical provides the tools you may need on a trip. Various kits are available depending on your activities and needs.

From NRS, the Neck Gaiter provides sun protection of UPF50+ for your neck and face area. The lightweight fabric provides the most versatile protection from the sun.

And, finally, for the tournament fishing paddlers, one cannot have enough hawg troughs measuring boards. These are available with flotation strip in both white and yellow and for a little extra with a tournament tag for your favorite angler. 

Well, that's it for our gifts under $25. If you are looking for something a little smaller, check out our Kayaker Gift Guide for Ornaments or our Kayaker Guide for Stocking Stuffers. And, if they have been a bit more nice than naughty, check out our gifts under $75 guide.