2017 Kayaker Gift Guide -- Santa they've been really good this year

Ok, they've been that good this year?! Check these out:

New to the market this year, the Bonafide SS127.  This is the hottest fishing rig for Dec 2017.  This thing has all the bells and whistles and comes in some great looking colors.  This is perfect for your kayak angler.

Looking for a fun whitewater boat to put under the tree? Take a look at the Remix series from Liquidlogic. This boat travels smoothly and easily over the water and is a blast to be in whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert

This is the ultimate in fishing wader, the NRS Sidewinder Bibs. Unbelievably comfortable, these are waterproof, but allow moisture from your body out. Remember being a kid and having breadwrappers in your shoes to keep your feet dry. Remember how your feet felt. Yea -- none of that here. The suspenders keep the bibs in place whether you are standing or sitting.

Want a great savings and a huge gift for your paddler? Check out our last few Angler Pro Plus Paddles from Bending Branches. BB has changed these going forward, but we have a few of this year's stock for an unbelievable price.

Back to the boats, check out the Radar 115 from Wilderness System this thing is ready to be paddled, pedaled, or driven. The boat comes ready to paddle, but by purchasing the HelixPD or HelixMD, this boat is ready to do some serious damage

It has to be on here -- the talked about boat for the first half of 2017, the Native Titan.

Still in the line up is a strong performer from Feelfree -- The Lure 11.5