Bait Tube How-To

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Material and Tools needed:

  • 3" PVC Pipe at 24" to 30" long.
  • 3" Rounded Caps (2 of these)
  • 2' Cord
  • 2 Clips (Brass or Plastic)
  • 1/4" Drill Bit 
  • PVC Glue

Drill Holes in the Caps

Use bit to remove sharp edges on the inside of cap.

Cut Cord in half. Tie a knot at one end of each piece of cord and put the cord through a hole in the cap.

Glue only one cap to the tube. This end of the tube will go to the front of the kayak. The other end you do NOT glue. This end will face to the back of the kayak. Use or add a pair of pad eyes to the side of the kayak to hang the tube from.


Catch your bait and put them in the tube by taking off the unglued (back) end. No need to unclip the tube from the kayak. The Bait Tube can hold around 4-6 baits depending on the size of the bait. To get the bait out, just open and tilt until one comes out. Put cap back on the tube. FISH!

The Bait Tube pictures below are from our Crew Member Joel Lotilla


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