Brian Slone - Pro Staff Member - Fishing

Brian Slone Hook 1 Kayak Fishing Pro Staff
Brian Slone resides in Eastern Kentucky in which he spent nearly all of my life. Brian grew up in an area referred to as “The Country Music Highway” where a many great musicians and performers have originated from including his uncle. He was raised in the Appalachian culture which has firm beliefs in God, Family, and the abilities to take on any challenge. The love of fishing is passed on from generation to generation from the humble beginnings of providing food on the table to the preservation of our natural resources.

Brian's humble beginnings into Kayaking Angling began many years ago with his wife knowing his love for nature and the water bought him his first kayak. A year later Brian entered his first Kayak Fishing Tournament and won. It changed his life and nothing has been the same since then. Brian has traveled across this country and abroad in search of the ultimate catch and adventure placing and winning tournaments along the way.