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The compass used in this installation is the Ritchie X-21 Dash Mount model. This is sold in our store in the Safety category. Read the manufacturer's instructions completely before beginning installation!

You will need to find a flat surface on your kayak for mounting the compass. This flat surface can have a slope between 45 degrees to vertical. Make sure the flat surface has at least 1/4" of clearance around the 2" compass. This means an area 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" is needed.


The hole needs to be tight. The instructions say to make a 2 1/16" hole. I used a 2" hole drill and trimmed to size. If you are using a roto tool, use the paper packaging for a template. Drill and trim your hole. Place the mounting gasket on the housing and then place the housing into the hole and check for a tight fit. Push the housing tight to the surface. Now place the nut on the housing from inside the kayak and push tightly. Turn nut clockwise to snug this up.


Make sure your kayak is level - see picture:

Now turn housing so the face is level. Check to make sure the unit is tight.

This compass comes with a night light. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for wiring. The wiring you see in the picture inside the kayak is the wiring for the fishfinder.


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