Jeremy Meier - Pro Staff Member - Fishing

Jeremy Meier Pro Staff Fishing Hook 1 OutfittersAt the age of 10 Jeremy got his first paddle craft a 12’ aluminum canoe, that he would run trap sets, trot line also fish and hunt squirrels from. Jeremy became very experienced in the woods and on the waters where he would wake up before daylight before elementary school to run traps, and run trot lines late at night.

Jeremy discovered kayak fishing in 2009 with his wife just after relocating to Nashville Tennessee. During 2010, 2011, and 2012 Jeremy and his wife Sarah starting competing in many fishing tournaments around the southeast “Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Kentucky, and Alabama” on lakes and rivers. Competing in close to 30 tournaments in the three years. After realizing how much time, and money was spent on every tournament prepping, reading maps, and articles it was realized the money and time that was spent on tournaments and the focus was turned to fun fishing weekend trips, and after work weeknight trips. While spending seven years in Nashville, TN Jeremy, Sarah, and Craig Dye noticed a desire for kayak fishing tournaments local to the Nashville area so Kayak Bass Fishing TN was created. Kayak Bass Fishing TN has become the largest tournament series in Tennessee, and one of the largest series in the southeast drawing over 300 anglers in just nine tournaments a year, and a place many call family. Kayak Bass Fishing TN is much more than just a Tournament Series it’s a community, a family that I never had growing up.

Jeremy and Sarah have relocated back to Jacksonville, Florida in the winter of 2016 after living in Tennessee for seven years, and the focus now will be on fun fishing, exploring new waters and fun with friends. Grown tired of the tournament scene the demanding travel, time and money invested we are going to focus on the waters in our now home state and surrounding states, without the stress of tournament fishing. We will be meeting up with others to fish, and camp near new waters whether it be rivers, lakes, creeks, or saltwater.

Jeremy is a fan of quality gear using only the best gear available from Japan brands like Daiwa, and Shimano reels to Gan Craft, and handmade swimbaits. Jeremy has been servicing his own fishing reels for years, and in 2014 started servicing others reels by offering services like custom cut drag washers, to polishing drag washers, and internals only using the highest standard of lubricants, tools, and cleaning products available.

Jeremy has been a part of the Hook 1 since 2011 offering tips and suggestions along with rigging boats. Also offering tips on local waters, volunteering at in store sales, expos, and organizing outings with fellow team members.