Jessie Beckett - Pro Staff Member - Recreational Paddling

Jessie Beckett Pro Staff Hook 1 Outfitters Kayak Middle TN

Jessie Beckett is a Board Member for the Tennessee Scenic Rivers Association and a Level 2 ACA Kayak instructor with an adaptive paddling endorsement.  Talking kayaks and gear is an awesome part of her job at Hook 1 Outfitters.  Beckett could talk all day about boats and gear! Whether a paddler is very experienced or just getting into the sport, helping them get fitted with what is right for what they’re goals are is a main focus for her.  Customers from all over come into the shop and it’s cool to hear their paddling stories and different experiences from all walks of life.

Beckett has been paddling for about eight years. She started out as a lone wolf paddler, got involved with paddling clubs and schools, then became a certified kayaking instructor.  According to Beckett, "The best part of kayaking is getting to meet and work with people on the water.  Not only do I get to teach my students the sport I am passionate about, but I also learn from them as well through their paddling experiences.  Each time I am on the water I take away something new."

When asked what her favorite gear item was, she replied, "Hook 1 Outfitters carries a lot of gear that USUALLY goes home with me after I get paid.  Two pieces of gear I cannot live without are my NRS Boundary Shoes and my Astral Layla PFD.  They both make my paddling life comfortable and safe!"

Beckett paddles flat/open water, sea kayaks, and paddles up to class III whitewater, so her fleet is specialized to each type of water.  It includes:

  • Wilderness Systems Zepher 155 Composite
  • Dagger Alchemy
  • Dagger Katana 9.7
  • Liquidlogic Remix 69

However, as much time as Beckett spends on the water, her claim to fame actually rests in the powdered snow of Minnesota where she once entered a downhill snow inner-tubing race and took second place! SERIOUSLY!