Kayak Fishing in Canada

Customer name: Rick Morse
City/Country: Nova Scotia, Canada
Where do you fish/launch? Lakes and rivers in Nova Scotia
What kind of fish do you catch or target? Speckled, brown and rainbwo Trout, Smallmouth Bass, white and yellow Perch,Striped Bass and Atlantic Salmon.
What kind of lures, jigs or live bait do you use? 80% fly-fishing, 20% light spinning with microtubes, microgrubs, etc..
What kind of kayak do you have? WS Pungo 12', Perception Prodigy 12', Future Beach Trophy 12', and Necky Sky 9'6".
Rigging Tips? Minimize accessories that protrude from the sides, as they will eventually skin knuckles when paddling, and catch fly line whencasting.
Comments: Started fishing from kayaks in 2001 and now have friends, guests, clients and even my dear wife enjoying it as well.