Kayak Fishing in Connecticut

Customer name: Craig Stoner
City/State: Higganum, CT.
Where do you fish/launch? I fish Southeastern Connecticut salt water, launching from Bran Island (Stonington, CT) ; Bayberry Launch (Groton, CT) ; Pleasure Beach (Waterford, CT) ; Great Island (Lyme, CT) ; to fish the Little Narragansett Bay including the fishers Island Sound and surrounding coastal Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York waters and the estuaries of the Thames River, Niantic River and the Connecticut River.
What kind of fish do you target and catch? Striped Bass, Bluefish, Fluke, Winter Flounder, Black Sea Bass, Tautog, False Albacore, Bonito, Porgy, and Weakfish.
What kind of lures, jigs or live bait do you use? Primarily, I use a Tube & Work Rib to troll for Stripers, but drifting live Eels and live lining Bunker are very effective for the Cows. For bottom fish, I like bucktail jigs or lead and hook set-ups. Tin works very well for the Tunaoids, and when all else fails try trolling a minnow crank bait. As for bait, the T&W is tipped with sandworms, bottom rigs for Fluke as baited with Squid, for Winter Flounder I use Sandworms also. Chunk bit (bunker) works well for Blues and Green Crabs are a must on Tog.
What kind of kayak do you have? I fish from a Malibu X-Factor rigged with a chart plotting GPS and Fishfinder.
Rigging Tips? Before installing anything on your Yak, sit in it and determine if it is the best place for it. Any hole cut in your Kayak is a hole for life!
Comments: Anyone interested in fishing Connecticut salt should visit www.ultimatekayakfishing.com. This is a great site with a lot of local people willing to share both their time and knowledge and will certainly bring you up to speed in no time.

Customer name: Richard Parsons
City/State: Colchester, CT.
Where do you fish/launch? Lakes, ponds and rivers.
What kind of fish do you target and catch? Large and Small Mouth Bass
What kind of lures, jigs or live bait do you use? Spinner Baits and Buzz Baits.
What kind of kayak do you have? Wilderness System Tarpon 120 and 100
Rigging Tips? Flush Mounts, Scotty Mount and Rudder.

Customer name: Steve Wojnarski
City/State: Bridgeport, CT.
Where do you fish/launch? I fish the waters around and outside of Bridgeport Harbor. I launch from Pequonnock Yacht Club.
What kind of lures, jigs or live bait do you use? Kastmaster, Surface Plugs, Sand worms.
What kind of kayak do you have? I have 2 kayaks, Current Designs Squamish (composite), and an Emotion Fisherman Pro.
Comments: Hard to get gear in my area.

Customer name: Bob Chase
City/State: New Preston, CT.
Where do you fish/launch? I mainly fish in smaller CT lakes and ponds for trout. Lake Waramaug, Mt. Tom pd. and Mohawak pd. Mostly I troll behind a Wabbler attractor. I use 6-7' ultra lite rods with Okuma line counter reels and 4# test flourocarbon line. Trolling is done in the spring and fall when fish are near the surface.
What kind of kayak do you have? I own 2 Wilderness System Kayaks. A Pungo 12 and a Tarpon 120, both 12 footers.
Do you have any good tips for rigging a kayak for fishing? I am rigged with a pair of rod holders, net on bungee, fish stringer and angler clips. I try to travel lite.
Comments: May expand to the Adirondacks this summer. Am 63 so yakin is good to keep the circulation going, lol.

Customer name: Neal Thomas
City/State: Connecticut
Where do you fish/launch? Tidal rivers in CT.
What kind of fish do you catch or target? Striper, Blue fish.
Comments: Excellent job. Everything delivered as promised.