Kayak Fishing in Delaware

Customer Name: Ben Pentoney
City and State: Seaford, Delaware
Where do you fish / launch: All of Delaware waters and Chesapeake Bay.
What kind of fish do you catch or target? Largemouth bass, stripe bass, bluefish and flounder.
What kind of lures, jigs or live bait do you use? For stripers herring, bunker, eels, bucktails, and swim baits. Blues, bunker, spoons, and bucktails. Largemouth bass, everything.
What kind of kayak do you have? Heritage Redfish 12.
Rigging Tips: Keep it simple and functional. Always measure twice.
Comments: Great site and thanks for the prizes in the Kayak Bass Fishing Challenges.

Customer name:  Jerry Franklin
City/State:  Millsboro, Delaware
Where do you fish/launch?  Delaware mill ponds, I also fish saltwater areas, rivers and Delaware Bay.
What kind of fish do you catch or target?  Bass and panfish in the ponds and Stripers, Blues and Flounder in the salt areas.
What kind of lures, jigs or live bait do you use?  Storm Wild Eyes, Cut Bunker, and jigs for salt and soft plastics for fresh water.
What kind of kayak do you have? I have an Emotion Fisherman and an Ocean Kayak Prowler 13. The first is my fresh and the Prowler is for salt.
Rigging Tips? I use a hole bit on my drill and cut scupper plugs out of an old body board I have. It works great to plug th ehole when the temps are below 40.
Comments:  This is the first time I ordered from here and I am very happy how fast I got my order. Everything looks great and I will be ordering again. (Thanks!)