Kayak Fishing in Georgia

Customer name: Kenny Rains
City/State: Cumming, GA
Where do you fish and what kind of fish do you catch or target? I love to fish in smaller bodies of water of TN and Northern GA.
Fish caught or targeted? I fish for bass, bream and other pan fish.
Lures, Jigs or Live Bait? I use a variety of crank baits, including Rapala (jointed and floating) and Heddon (torpedo) lures. In addition, I fish with artificial worms. On occasion, I will fish with live baits (night crawlers and red wigglers).
What kind of kayak do you have? I have a Spitfire kayak rigged for fishing. It is a small craft, but very effective in the small lakes, stock ponds and streams I fish.
Comments: Hook 1 Kayak Fishing Gear turned me onto kayak fishing. Up to that time, I have always fished from my canoe. I have found the information and products you offer very helpful. Thanks.

Customer name: Ricky Vickery
City/State: Commerce, GA
Where do you fish and what kind of fish do you catch or target? In North GA, where I live, I fish in the mountain lakes of Burton, Rabun, and Seed Lake. When I can get to saltwater (which is not nearly often enough) I either fish off of Panama City Beach, FL or lately Murrell's Inlet and Garden City Beach, S.C.
Fish caught or targeted? Rainbow and Brown trout in the mountain lakes. I hold the lake record for Seed Lake, 13 lbs 8.22 oz (was not in my kayak that day). At Panama City Beach, I launch through the surf and slow troll for king mackeral and Spanish. At Garden City Beach and Murrell's Inlet, I surf launch and slow troll pogies for blacktip, spinner, and bull shark and monster redfish.
Lures, Jigs or Live Bait? For trout: Rapala X-rap, Zoom fluke, Berkely Powerbait and nightcrawlers. For Kings - Cigar Minnows. For Shark and Redfish - I catch live pogies (menhaden) from the large schools that form just off the surf.
What kind of kayak do you have? Ocean Kayak Malibu Two
Rigging Tips? Be creative. Look at what others are doing and adapt to what works best for you. I make good use of PVC pipe and a milk crate for trolling rod holders and holders for spare rods and gaff. The Malibu Two, although not designed for kayak fishing, it is very adaptable. I can use it with my daughter for paddling and fishing or I can use the center seat and rig for solo fishing. When I first started kayak fishing, there weren't nearly so many great things that are designed just for kayak fishing. Being creative and inventive was the way I started and I find that some of the things that I started with, still work just fine!
Comments: I have a 19 foot center console that I used to fish with. It sure is lonely now-adays, sitting in the shelter all alone and forgotten.

Customer name:   Edward Chamberlain III 
City/State:  South of Atlanta  
Where do you fish and what kind of fish do you catch or target?  Fish for bass and panfish in fresh water lakes and ponds and for trout/reds primarily, blues, anything else hitting in saltwater.  Usually Orange Beach, AL or Mosquito Lagoon area of FL for salt.  Member of the Atlanta Flyfishing Club and pursue fresh and salt with equal abandon.  Wade or drift for the GA trout.
What kind of kayak do you have?  Perception Bimini, that I really like with a great layout.  Also fish an Old Town Camper. 

Customer name:Jimmy Boyd
Where do you fish / launch?: We fish a lot in Lake Weiss, Alabama. The Crappie capital of the world. But you catch a lot more than crappie. There's very large bass and catfish also. We love to jug fish for catfish and chase them down with the kayaks. A good challenge sometimes especially in my 15 ft. Extreme. But, the Bic is only 9 ft. and turns on a dime, really handy when you are chasing a 30 pound cat around on a milk jug. Trot lines are fun too. Caught some massive gars on trot lines in that lake.
We also live about a mile from the Etowah River. It's a great place to enjoy a pieceful day rowing on the river.
What kind of fish do you catch ( or target )?: We troll with large white jigs and catch really nice striped bass. They fight like no other fish in this area. Also, see a lot of wildlife like beavers and otters.
My favorite kayak fishing is in Mexico Beach, Florida. We use the kayaks to take shark bait out and fish from the shore. I love to hear those Penn reels screamin with a big hammerhead running on it. Anyway, we love the kayaks and we thank you for the good sight to buy all our kayak fishing needs.
Here is a picture of my landing a striper on the Etowah River in Euharlee Georgia. Also, a picture of my stepson in his Bic kayak. I've never seen another yak like his on a web picture site.
What kind of kayak do you have?: I have a Malibu Extreme, my wife has an Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 and my stepson has a Bic Balboa - all three are angler editions.
City/State: Cartersville, Georgia