Kayak Fishing in Hawaii

Customer Name: Troy Kawahara
City and State: Pepeekeo, Hawaii
Where do you fish or launch?: Hawaii (Big Island and Maui). I usually launch from sandy beaches or rocky shoreline areas.
What fish to you target / catch?: I target a wide range of openwater pelagics such as wahoo (ono), dorado (mahi mahi), yellowfin (ahi), etc.. and reef fish such as giant trevally (ulua) and grey snapper or green job fish (uku) just to name a few.
Lures or Live Bait? None, I spearfish off my kayak.
What kind of kayak do you have? I have two different kayaks - A Scupper Pro and Hobie Mirage Sport

Two Wahoo's (Ono's)

Green Job Fish or Grey Snapper (Uku in Hawaiian) All fish were taken while spearfishing off my kayak.

Customer Name: Mikey
City and State: Kapolei, Hawaii
Where do you fish or launch?: Oahu, Hawaii.
What fish to you target / catch? Papio(Jacks), Uku(Grey Snapper), various inshore species. Haven't caught a pelagic yet, but I'm trying.
Lures or Live Bait? Opelu(Scad Mackerel), Ballyhoo and Ika(squid) for bait and some plastics such as curly tails and nehu strips. Also a favorite are Yozuri cystal minnows.
What kind of kayak do you have? '09 Hobie Revolution
Rigging Tips: K.I.S.S. I try to keep my deck as clear as possible yet still have the necessary stuff to have a good time on the water. I see way too many yakkers loading up like they're going on an ocean voyage instead of a few hours of fishing.
Comments: I'm still relatively new to fishing from a kayak, but it's something I really want to get better at. I've made some great friends since starting this and it looks like I will be enjoying for a long time.

Customer Name: Isaac "Rocket" Brumaghim
City and State: Aiea, Hawaii
Where do you fish or launch?: North Shore, Kailua, Diamond Head, Makapuu, and Kaena Point.
What fish to you target / catch? Mahi Mahi, Kaku, Papio, Ulua and Uku.
Lures or Live Bait? I use live halalu or akule and dead opelu or saba. Sometimes oama also.
What kind of kayak do you have? 16 ft. Wilderness Tarpon
Rigging Tips: Attach a sheath to your kayak for easy access to a knife and pliers.
Comments: I caught everything except an ono (wahoo) this year. I'll be trying for him next.