Kayak Fishing in Kansas

Customer name: Rob "Turtle" Arand
City/State: Lenexa, Kansas (Johnson County)
Where do you fish/launch? Kansas City (Kansas Side) Private Strip Pits, Local Lakes, Rivers and Creeks.
What kind of fish do you catch or target? Largemouth Bass, Crappie, Gar, Hybrid Bass, Pan Fish, Catfish, and a few turtles.
What kind of lures, jigs or live bait do you use? Crankbait, Rat-l-trap, Spinnerbait, Bucktails, Jigs, Live Minnows, Shad, Crawdads, Plasics of all kinds.
What kind of kayak do you have? 2 Ocean Kayak Big Games, 1 Ocean Kayak Trident 11
Rigging Tips?: Always have some sort of anchor and your PFD.
Comments: I've bought things from a few websites, and to honest, Hook 1 is the best and easiest to deal with. Also, a few buddies and I are getting ready to start a kayak fishing club in KC. Thanks again for the awesome websites!

Customer name: John Woodworth
City/State: Hutchinson, Kansas
Where do you fish/launch? Inland lakes and ponds in Kansas and the Gulf Coast near Galveston, TX.
What kind of fish do you catch or target? Black Bass, Redfish and Trout (on the Texas Gulf Coast).
What kind of lures, jigs or live bait do you use? Primary tackle is fly rod and casting rods, all artificial baits and custom tied flies.
What kind of kayak do you have? Malibu Extreme and Malibu Mini X
Comments: Originally from Texas, I have been in Kansas for 18 years. I have been kayak fishing for 3 years and am a Pro Staff member for a local Malibu dealer in Kansas. We have a kayak fishing team, Team TexKan. Most of the opportunities to fish are in the Texas area. Kayak fishing is relatively unknown in Kansas. I try and introduce as many folks as possible to this wonderful sport. You have a really neat web site and I appreciate all that you do for the sport. Please add me to your wonderful web site so the Sunflower State can get on the kayak fishing radar.