Ram Tube Rod Holder

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Find an area that is strong enough to support the rod holder. Push on the area. It shouldn't move. The back side of this area should be easy to reach for you. Sit in your kayak and find a good position for the rod holders.

Find the location for your Ram Tube Rod Holder

Using the base mount, lay out the holes. Drill one hole and hand tighten in one bolt. After that bolt is set, drill your other holes. Drill the holes using a drill bit just a size smaller than the bolt. (Example: If a 3/16" hole lets the bolt go in the hole easily, use a 11/64" bit so you will need to screw the bolt in the hole.) Screw in bolts and hand tighten. Put the washer and the nut on and tighten down. We recommend using bolts, washers and lock nuts when you can reach the underside of the area you are mounting the rod holder to. If you can not reach the underside, then rivets should be used.


Lay out your holes and mark them. Drill one hole as shown above and hand tighten in one bolt.


Drill one hole as shown above and hand tighten in one bolt.

Tools and Harware Needed:


  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • 11/64" drill bit
  • 3/8" wrench


  • Hook 1's Set D : 4 #10x1" SS Machine Screws
  • 4 SS Nylon lock nuts
  • 4 SS washers

It is a good idea to "goop" the top rubber cap of the Ram Tube Rod Holder to the rod holder. Take a Q-tip and a bit of GOOP or other marine adhesive and run it inside the rubber cap. Apply cap to the rod holder and you won't have to worry about it ever coming off.



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