Removable Fishfinder Install

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Removable Fish Finder Install - By Crew Member Steve Mullins

A removable fishfinder may be necessary to accommodate different fishing / paddling conditions. It may also help with transporting your kayak efficiently by not having an exposed quick release mounting bracket that can be damaged or scratch your vehicle when transporting your kayak top-side down on a luggage rack cross-bar.

To complete this install you will need the following parts and tools. *** Keep in mind that each install may require different install procedures, parts, and fasteners. ***

  • Scotty Fishfinder Post Bracket
  • Scotty 4” Round Flush Mount (any of the Scotty Flush / Deck Mounts can be used)

Fasteners (Use only marine grade stainless steel fasteners):

  • 4 x 10-32-3/4 Bolts (for the Scotty 4” Round Flush Mount)
  • 7 x 10-32-1/2 Bolts (for the Scotty Fishfinder Post Bracket)
  • 11 x 10-32 Locking Nuts


    Power Drill
  • 1-3/8" Drill Bit (for Scotty Flush Mount install)
  • 7/32" Drill Bit (for 10-32 Bolts)
  • Phillips Screw Driver
  • 3/8” Box End Wrench / Ratchet and 3/8” Socket
  • Silicone Sealant / Marine Goop
  • Material for the Mounting Plate (your options are endless)
  • Scissors / Cutting Tool
  • Pencil / Marker

Step 1: Installing the Scotty 4" Round Flush MountBegin by deciding where you would like your fishfinder to be located.

Now determine the center of the flush mount on the kayak and drill your 1-3/8” hole in the kayak for the install (be careful, you only get one chance at this).

Apply a bead of Silicone Sealant / Marine Goop to the backside of the flush mount before installing to ensure that it’s water tight.

Finally drill the 4 mounting holes using the 7/32” drill bit and secure the flush mount to the kayak using the 10-32-3/4” bolts and lock nuts.

Step 2: Creating the Mounting Plate

Begin by tracing the Scotty Fishfinder Post Bracket on your mounting plate(Picture A).

Once you’ve made the outline center your manufacturer’s fishfinder mounting bracket to complete the final mounting plate outline(Picture C, D).

Cut out your mounting plate and drill the mounting points as necessary(Picture D).

Attach the mounting plate to the Scotty Fishfinder Post using the three 10-32-1/2 bolts and 10-32 lock nuts. The 1/2 bolt is required to have clearance between the mounting plate and fishfinder post(Picture E).

Finally secure the completed fishfinder post to the Scotty 4” Round Flush Mount(Picture F).



Step 3: Attaching the Mounting Plate to the Scotty Fishfinder Post

Completed Removable Fishfinder (Picture J).


All that is left to this job is installing the transducer, running the power / transducer cable, and powering the unit.

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