Sarah Meier - Pro Staff Member - Fishing

Sarah Meier Hook 1 Outfitters Pro Staff Fishing

Fishing has been a love of Sarah Meier ever since she was a little girl in Indiana.  Her love for the sport grew when she started dating her now husband, Jeremy, in High School. Meier says, "It’s wild to think that we started out bank fishing strip pits and ponds to now traveling all over to fish for different species from our kayaks!!"

Meier has two kayaks that she fishes out of.  For places with thick grass, lilies, skinny or shallow water she uses her Wilderness Commander because it has tons of room and is so easy to maneuver. She can stand up easily in it and sight fish. For ocean and big water trips, Meier uses her Hobie Revolution.

Another reason Meier loves kayak fishing is because it is a sport that she is able to compete equally with the men. She has met so many amazing people competing in and hosting tournaments. For years Meier, Jeremy Meier, and Craig Dye ran KBFTN.

Kayak Fishing has turned Meier into an adventure junkie! She has fished in the Everglades, Gulf of Mexico, canals of Miami, and many other great fisheries all over.  She has been chased by a large sea turtle, growled at by an alligator, and fished next to dolphins.  Meier and her husband just moved from Tennessee to Florida so they are learning new techniques and targeting more species of fish.  Every trip they take is a new memory and quality time together. Hook 1 Outfitters makes all of this possible with the great kayaks and accessories they offer.