Teri Cindric - Pro Staff Member - Fishing

Teri Cindric Hook 1 Kayak Fishing Pro StaffTeri Cindric was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Teri occasionally fished in creeks and reservoirs for anything that would bite but she took fishing to a whole new level when she moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 2004.  Living so close to Percy Priest, Teri began fishing more and more and her passion for bass fishing erupted.

Teri Cindric began fishing bass boat tournaments in 2009 as a co-angler and started entering Lady Bass Angler Association (LBAA) tournaments as a boater in 2011.  She fished the LBAA tour for 5 years racking up two wins and several top five finishes.  Looking for new opportunities in 2017, she stopped at the Hook1 booth at the Nashville Fishing Show.

Taking a different direction in 2017, Teri entered her first kayak bass fishing tournament with the KFBTN. She fished the entire KFBTN season and entered other kayak bass tournaments.  Teri still participates in bass boat tournaments but has become an avid kayak angler as well.