Aqua Bound Sting Ray Kayak Paddle, Carbon Fiber Shaft


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Product Details

Product Details

Designed to minimize fatigue on short trips and long expeditions

Carbon fiber shaft makes this paddle remarkably light and strong

Exclusive abX blades are built from light, strong fiberglass-reinforced resin

Known for its strength, this remarkably lightweight carbon composite is the ideal material for this sleek, powerful paddle shaft. Designed to maximize your stroke efficiency and enjoyment of kayaking. You'll appreciate its superior performance whether you're out for an overnight or just a few hours. Aqua Bound's exclusive abX resin blades are reinforced with fiberglass to make them lighter and stronger than comparable models. Asymmetrical blade shape reduces flutter for improved efficiency. Fluted ferrules are highly durable and easy to assemble and disassemble. Paddles can be used unfeathered or at a 60° angle with right- and left-hand control. Made in Canada.

Small For kayakers with smaller hands. 1.05" shaft.

Regular 1.2" shaft.

Blade dimensions 18"L x 6½"W.

Weight 1 lb. 15½ oz.

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