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Available in a variety of colors and patterns, this custom-cut CONSEAL Silent Traction System kit fits the Wilderness System RIDE 135. Each peel-and-stick pad is backed with an aggressive adhesive that will hold under the harsh conditions encountered on the water year-round.


Sound Dampening — Conformable materials absorb structural vibrations and reduce panel resonance to significantly suppress noise and shock waves.

Durability — Paper-backed, aggressive, supercharged adhesive package designed for marine and outdoor applications. Easy to clean with brush or power washer. Resistant to UV rays, salt water, and fuel spills.

Traction — Flexible non-skid surfaces protect your watercraft, reduce fatigue, and protect against slips and falls on wet surfaces.

Cushioning and Comfort — Shield and insulate hard, slick, or rough surfaces while improving usability. Low light reflection reduces glare, and low thermal conductivity provides insulation.

NOTE: Due to the close fit between the deck and seat bottom, CONSEAL kit's rear-center mats are not compatible with Wilderness Systems' AirPro Freedom Elite Kayak Low Seat or AirPro Freedom Elite Advanced Elevated Seat in the RIDE 135. They do fit easily under the AirPro Max Seat in a Ride 135. Set those two pads aside for use on gunwales, under anchor trolley pulleys, or on other contact points for sound-deadening.

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