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Deluxe Pro Angler Board

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If you have a Hobie Pro Angler, and you have ever kicked your rods while they were stored in the horizontal rod holders, you may need a set of the new Deluxe Pro Angler Boards. These sleek contoured replacement boards are just a little wider than the stock board that come on the Pro Angler, keeping your feet away from your rods. The extra width also gives you more surface area to work on or outfit. One side has been precut with places for securing pliers, fish grips, jar baits and your favorite bottle of fish attractant. Slots running down the side allow you to strap on a small dry box or radio. They also come pre-drilled for using our TDA (Transducer Deployment Arm).

Install instructions - Remove the rod holder tubes, so you can get to the nuts.
This will go easily until you go to remove the top inside screw, as you can't quite get to it because
the boards are in the way. To get around this, remove the two screws closest to the paddler on the sideboards
they are screwed into inserts so they are easy to remove).
Then flex the sideboards up enough to undo the last screw holding on the rod holder tubes.
Once the rod holder tubes are out of the way you can get to two nuts holding on the front of the sideboards.
You'll have to do the reverse this process to put the new ones back on.
When you put the new ones on leave the front two bolts a little loose so that you'll be able
to line up the holes on the other two screws holding on the sideboards.
You should be able to snake a wrench up over the rodholder tubes to tighten up the front two srews.

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