Down N Dirty Game Call - Mouth Turkey Kyh5N1 2 Reed

Down N Dirty

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The KYH5N1 from Down N Dirty is part of the Killin Krew Series of diaphragm turkey calls that are specifically designed to help you be more successful in the field. The KYH5N1 was custom designed by crew member and champion caller Jeff Noel to be the best all-around killing call available. This 2 reed call features a modified ghost cut that will do it all. From raspy yelps and aggressive cutting to the soft stuff you need for those last few yards, this call will do everything a turkey can do. This is one of the deadliest calls to hit the woods and will help you bring home more birds. Each Down N Dirty diaphragm is hand cut and gauge stretched for consistency ensuring realistic hen turkey sound in every call.

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