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Drift Chute

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Constructed with industrial strength, weather resistant, fabric, foam, webbing and brass.
Conical shape contracts from 54” inch circumference (27" across) to 11” circumference.

Parachute design slows the kayak allowing for more consistent trolling.
Includes adjustable 6' length of 1” heavy duty webbing with marine grade, brass clip.

Utilizing the same industrial strength webbing, fabric, and foam as our kayak seats, the Drift Chute is a hand made, top of the line, kayak fishing accessory built from the ground up with the professional angler in mind. The concept is simple: a foam packet, securely sewn into the top of the Drift Chute, floats near the surface of the water while a weighted packet, securely sewn into the bottom of the Drift Chute, sinks below the surface. These opposing elements keep the Drift Chute's large, 54” circumference fully expanded as you slowly troll through the water. The effect is similar to that of a parachute falling through the air; your kayak, and thus the poles that you troll with, are slowed to a crawl even in high wind situations. In this fashion, you'll never be blown of course while attempting to hook that elusive lake lurker.

The Surf To Summit Drift Chute is made from the same high quality fabric that lines many of our seats. This fabric is sewn, with industrial stitching, into a cone shape that contracts form a 54” opening to an 11” opening. The openings on either end are lined with industrial strength webbing. Four webbing straps are sewn to the large opening and converge on a singe point with a brass ring. The paddler can use any material they choose as an intermediary between the brass ring and their kayak, but we suggest the included 6' length of adjustable 1” webbing with brass clip. The webbing has a plastic tri-glide that allows the paddler to adjust the distance between the kayak and the Drift Chute. Depending on the direction of the wind, the Drift Chute can be attached to the rear, front, or side of the boat to any pad eye, loop, or clip using the marine grade, brass clip on the included webbing

Brandon is the Senior Surf To Summit Sales Representative and has 10 years of kayak fishing experience. Here's what he has to say about our new drift chute:
The drift chute is a must have for any fisherman who has ever had a great day on the water ruined by the wind. The drift chute slows the angler down to a crawl even in the strongest of winds. It gives you the ability to cast more times in one spot before being pushed off by the current or wind. Simply adjust where you have the drift chute attached to your kayak (front, back, or side) to find your perfect position for casting to your targeted area.

I recently spent 14 days fishing lakes in the Sierras and used the drift chute every afternoon as the winds picked up. The ability to fish 1 rod with a fly lined worm out behind the boat and cast another rod with a Thomas Buoyant proved to be the most effective method. I had multiple 50+ fish days. I have also used the drift chute to fish the kelp here off of our coast many times and found it to be very effective for Halibut and Calico Bass. The drift chute is an essential addition to any angler's arsenal.

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