EVOLVE 5 MadMouse

Evolve Baits

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Product Details

Replace your buzz frogs with something they havent seenand looks a lot more like easy prey.

  • Four 5-inch lures per pack
  • Anatomically correct body in three realistic color patterns.
  • Keel-shaped belly for true-tracking
  • Upturned nose so mouse skims over weeds, slop, and brush
  • Super-soft injection-molded plastic and deep hook slot for sure hook-ups
  • Fluttering feet and swishing tail draw attention from gamefish that have seen it all (and pass up everything else)

Evaluation: This buzzing, top-water rat is just asking to get crushed! The bait's injection-molded plastic is soft enough to compress for good hook-sets, and it's buoyant enough to swim, twitch, and hop it for some crazy top-water action. As fun as fishing a frog can be, switching up a little and giving bass another look can only help. And face it...there's just something satisfying about seeing a giant bass destroy vermin like this.

Presentation: Rig with a weighted or unweighted screw-lock hook or use a standard EWG hook with either a split shot crimped under the belly or an eighth-ounce pegged bullet weight in front for added casting distance. Hop and slide it steadily across matted vegetation and swim it quickly across potholes and open water. When bass explode on the lure, reel down, be sure you feel some weight, and then cross his eyes with a savage hookset.

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