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The VibraGRUB is unlike any soft bait on the market today. Many have tried to mimic its actionto no avail. As water flows across the front of the VibraGRUB, the appendages on either side of the body flutter and undulate with a mind of their own. The VibraGRUB looks impossibly alive underwater, and can be fished using a number of tournament-proven methods

Presentation: Rig on a skirtless jig head, a weighted swimbait hook, as a jig trailer, or on a dropshot rig. Finesse-rig it with a split shot crimped on the line a few inches above the hook, or go with a standard Texas- or Carolina Rig. However you present it, the flaps along the sides of this soft plastic lure ripple like red flags waved in front of a bull!

Two US patents speak to the unique effectiveness of this bait, and largemouth, smallmouth, pike and walleye anglers across the world are starting to understand the genius of this product.

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