Gary Yamamoto Double Tail Hula Grub

Gary Yamamoto

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The 4" 93-series double tail hula grub is a crawdad imitator extraordinaire! In downsized environments, ponds and tanks, rig this bottom crawler with lighter weights and toss it into any dark corner, nook or cranny you can find. 10/bag

Gary Yamamoto first started using the hula grub about twenty years ago because it was the bait of choice in the West. From there, he continued to use hula grubs across the country from North to South to East with equal success. Overall, the 5" 97-series double tail hula grub is the top producer in Yamamoto's hula grub product line. Gary Yamamoto fishes the 5" 97-series with a half-ounce jig head, surprisingly heavier than most people use, moved fast in a swimming motion. Throw to the bank, and as soon as it hits bottom, start reeling it to give it a fast action until it hits bottom again.Gary Yamamoto uses 16 to 20 lb. test line. He's not finesse fishing or using light line, but going for aggressive fish with a heavy flipping stick and baitcasting reel. He prefers Sugoi fluorocarbon line that has low stretch and high abrasion resistance. He'll swim hula jigs in shallows from zero to ten feet more quickly than most people, bumping along bottom almost like you'd use a big-billed crankbait. If no fish are present or biting shallow, he'll switch to a heavier jig head without changing the bait, but switching into ten to twenty feet of water with a 5/8 or _ oz. jig head for fish that may be active at those depths. Yamamoto may go up to a one-ounce jig in water down to thirty feet deep. Just bounce bottom and reel quickly enough to keep from getting snagged while you swim the lure on a 44W-series football head with a wire-pronged weedguard to deter snags. 10 per bag

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