Introduction to Kayak Fishing with Craig Dye

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This four hour on-the-water class, with Craig Dye, will cover all aspects of kayak fishing. From basic kayak control to advanced fishing techniques, he will cover all or any of the kayak fishing subjects below. Craig believes with just a few hours on the water with an experienced kayak fisherman you will be able to put more fish in the boat quickly. 

Kayak Set up

  •  Depth-finder installation
  • Battery Boxes
  • Anchor Trolley installs
  • Tackle Organization
  • Transporting you kayak


Kayak specific tips and techniques

  • Hitting the right angles to get more bites
  • Shallow water techniques(Standing while kayak fishing)
  • Deep water techniques(using electronics effectively)

 Kayak Tournament Fishing

  • Kayak setup for competition
  • Productive pre-fishing techniques from a kayak
  • Tournament day tips (When to go, when to stay)

Class Location: Percy Priest - Fall Creek