2016-2018 ASPIRE 105

Wilderness Systems

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Product Details

Sized for medium to larger paddlers, an excellent choice for paddlers looking for stability and the opportunity to expand beyond flat water.

The Aspire remains a Wilderness Systems best-seller because of its user-friendly hull design and feature-rich comforts. Designed for the paddler who prefers agility over brawn, the Aspire is a performance-oriented recreational kayak that bridges that gap between efficiency and stability. Capable of navigating slow-moving waters with ease and equipped with a skeg for improved tracking on long stretches, the Aspire is a go-to option for recreational paddlers that want to master a variety of paddling scenarios. The Phase 3® AirPro seating system provides all-day comfort on the water and a large stern hatch provides access to plenty of watertight storage for extended outings. Lightweight and compact in 10'/44 lb. and 10'5"/48 lb. versions, the Aspire is a cinch to transport and store – more proof that great things do come in small packages. Add thoughtful convenience features such as the molded-in kayak console and bungee deck rigging, and the Aspire is sure to cater to any adventure you seek.

Length 10'6" / 320 cm
Weight 48 lbs. / 22 kg
Width 29" / 74 cm
Capacity 400 lbs. / 182 kg

Phase 3® AirPro Seating System
Thigh & Knee Padding
SlideLock XL Foot Brace System
Orbix Stern Hatch
Stern Bulkhead
Bungee Deck Rigging
Comfort Carry Handles
Tru Trak Adjustable Skeg System
Molded-In Console
Skid Plate