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Product Details

The Boonedox Kayak Trailer combines Air-Craft grade aluminum with a Torflex axle to give you a strong, lightweight option for transporting your kayaks.  The KT allows you to determine how many boats to carry, and in what manner.  This customization will allow you to place your cargo in whichever configuration works best for you. You will have the option to place your kayaks directly on the trailer for strapping, or purchase Boonedox J-Cradles for an angled carry.  The 80 1/2" width crossbars give you more than enough room for two-three kayaks.  Pictured to the side, notice one of our KTs with two sets of cradles, and SUPs stacked on the remaining space.  Lots of different possibilities.   

As mentioned above, the KT is constructed with rust free aircraft grade aluminum, bringing the total trailer weight to 170 lbs.  This lightweight design enables travel with a almost any vehicle using a 2" attachment ball.  

Best Part?  The KT will be delivered straight to your front door via UPS, accompanied by step-by-step instructions.  The KT can be put together using minimal tools in about 2 hours for a well-seasoned toolman, or 3-4 hours for a gumshoe.