The Fish Grip

Fish Grip

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From the makers of the Norton Brass Rattler, this quality product will help to successfully land a fish with a less chance of injury to either the fisherman or to the fish, which may be released.

  • Over center locking - grip to lock, flip to open.
  • Unique jaw design - holds the lip of the fish.
  • Durable materials - plastic and stainless steel.
    High viz color - easy to see, day or night.
  • Weight scale slot - attach a scale, deduct 5 oz.
  • Wrist lanyard - in case it slips.

Flat surface on jaws of the Fish Grip helps to prevent the puncture of thin tissue of the mouth of the fish. Lip bone of the fish rolls to either side of the point of the jaw of the Fish Grip securing your catch.
Less injury to the fish too!

Made in the USA

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