Opti-Logic M1K


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When it comes to rangefinders, it’s hard to go overboard on features and the M1k is no exception.  Originally designed for military and tactical purposes this hunter-friendly unit sports specifications anyone in pursuit of big game will appreciate. Starting with a durable olive drab, rubberized housing, the M1k is field-ready with exceptional 6X magnification optics and a simple, easy to understand internal LCD display.   This easy-to-use unit ranges from 4-1,000 meters (1094 yards) (passive) with 1-yard resolution in .5 yard increments  while also denoting shot angle via Opti-Logic’s Patented VAC™ (Vertical Angle Compensation) Technology displaying with 1 degree increments.  Built with the multi-season hunter in mind Opti-Logic’s VAC™ Technology compensates for archery trajectories of out to 120 yards and those of firearm ballistics from 121 through over 1,000 yards (passive).  Equipped with an automatic Rain, Scan, Line of Sight Trajectory and VAC™ modes the unit offers a ranging solution for any hunting situation.  The M1k is a perfect partner for any outing.

Measuring 4.29 inches L X 2.95 inches H and 1.71 inches W, each compact unit perfectly fits the included carrying case or easily in a jacket pocket or pack.  Powered by a single Long-Life CR123A battery, the low current draw of the M1k will provide over 2,500 “shots” on a single battery. At less than 8 ounces, the vertically oriented unit is compact, lightweight and ready for action in the field.  With a M1k in your hand you can be confident that every shot you take will be accurate, the rest is up to you. Includes a full two-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

Made in USA