• Pse Bowfishing Kit Ams - Mud Dawg Bf Rh Dk 30-40

Pse Bowfishing Kit Ams - Mud Dawg Bf Rh Dk 30-40


Hardcore bowfisherman need a hardcore bow, and the new 2016 PSE Mudd Dawg™ is the ultimate bowfishing rig! On the boat or knee deep in the water, the PSE Mudd Dawg™ gets it done in the toughest conditions with its durable design and stainless steel hardware, including PSE’s brand new bowfishing-optimized cam. Engineered from a single piece of solid aluminum, the new bowfishing cam on the Mudd Dawg is designed to better cradle the string for superior finger shooting and to deliver a constant draw weight of 40 lbs. for snap shooting. The Mudd Dawg™ is also light and maneuverable at only 3.3 lbs. with a 32” axle-to-axle lengthAMS KIT INCLUDES:. One?AMS?Retriever?Reel?With?Line. One?Snap?Shot?Rest. One?Fish?Stick?Arrow?with. AMS?Safety?Stop?&?Safety?Slide

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