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PowerTeam 3.5-inch Craw D'Oeuvre 9-pk


Tough day? We've all had them. Heavy fishing pressure, cold front conditions, blue bird skies, and the list goes on. The truth is, the fish are still there and can still be caught, they're just a little more stubborn. This is when downsizing from a meal size bait to Craw D'Oeuvre (pronounced craw d'erv) is the key to unlocking their jaws. With its compact size and subtle realistic action, this little creature was specifically designed for when the going gets tough.

Whether you fish it on a jig head, hop it on a shaky head, Recoil Rig it, drop shot it, Texas rig it, flip it, pitch it, or punch it, the Craw D'oeuvre will put them in the boat. It also makes an EXCELLENT trailer for your favorite jig!

Quantity: 8 Ct.

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