PowerTeam 4.8-inch Swinging Hammer 5-pk

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If you're looking to create a serious amount of turbulence in the water, the 4.8 Swinging Hammer was specifically designed to do exactly that. The oversized paddle tail of the Swinging Hammer creates a massive amount of vibration that calls in big fish from far away. To boot, it's flat belly prevents rolling even at high speeds and it's segmented body creates a delicious side to side body sway from the nose back which just drives fish wild.

The 4.8 Swinging Hammer can be fished multiple ways; but no matter how you fish it, be prepared to stick pigs!

Swim it on a weighted swimbait hook in open water or bang it off of cover.

Rig it weightless on a 6/0 EWG for slow surface waking and calling fish out of vegetation below.

Rig 5 on an Alabama rig and create a turbulence like never before.

Stroke it off the bottom on a jig head.

Use it as a trailer on a swim jig or Chatter Bait and bring that lunker to the scales.

Each package of Swinging Hammers comes with a capsule of Hog Tonic inside. Rub some on the baits and add amino acids to make sure those pigs don't let go.

Quantity: 5 Ct.

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