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PowerTeam Hog Tonic Fish Attractant

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When PowerTeam lures set out to create a superior bass formula, we focused on the only two important factors: what bass want and what bass need. By loading our already proven scent with a heavy dose of specific amino acids, we've developed a formula that not only convinces bass to strike, but more importantly, keeps them holding on long afterwards. Why? Because to the bass it's actual food. There are no synthetic ingredients in Hog Tonic. The concept is simple: give them food and they'll eat it!

Hog Tonic was not tested by a professor at a university on hungry bass in a giant tank under controlled conditions. Hog Tonic was tested and proven on real bass in pressured lakes by real fishermen in everyday real life situations. The true results that matter!

so if youre a little slow on the hookset or worried that the bass are going to feel you before you feel them, you now have that extra time because PowerTeam's Hog Tonic has your back!

Directions for use:shake gently then spray 3 to 4 shots of Hog Tonic into your favorite bag of plastics prior to using. Re-apply if necessary or if you just like it extra stinky.

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