Quarrow TRI-EYE


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The Quarrow TRI-EYE is a powerful 50 lumen head lamp. The push button On/Off switch allows you to choose between 50lumens of bright white light or 2 Green LEDs or 2 UV LEDs (depending on option chosen). The Green LEDs are perfect for night fishing, hunting, camping or any job that needs improved night vision. Green is used because it is a non-abrasive light color that is easier on the eyes and some game cannot see green light. The light from the 50 lumen power LED is visible up to 35 yards. The LEDs are rated for 110,000+ hours of life. The Quarrow TRI-EYE has a two-way adjustable strap to ensure that the head lamp can be worn securely in any situation. The head of the TRI-EYE also tilts 90° to direct light wherever you need it. A layer of foam padding on the back of the TRI-EYE creates a comfortable non-slip surface. The head lamp lip is designed to protect your eyes from reflected light. Powered by two CR2032 batteries (included), the TRI-EYE is tough, reliable, lightweight and completely shock-proof.