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Ritchie Compass - Sport Kayak


Ritchie Sport About Compass with Kayak Mounting Kit

Comes in Yellow with the complete Kayak Mounting Kit

Sport About handbearing compasses are compact, portable, and perfect for reliable nagivation in compact boats where space is at a premium. Sport About compass features:
Easy-to-read 2" Direct-Reading Dial
Silicon Impact Resistant Case with Neck Lanyard
Compact Size for easy handling and storage
QuickSight V-Notch and Lubber Line for Easy Heading Alignment
Non-Electric Chem Sticks Providing 18 hours of Night Lighting

Kayak Mount - No Drilling, No Holes in Deck,Flexible Pad and Foam Ring Easily Conforms to Deck Shape. Won't Scratch Finishes. Attaches with Bungee Cord and Clips (included).

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