• Summit Tree Stand Non-Climbing - Rsx Hawk Hang On

Summit Tree Stand Non-Climbing - Rsx Hawk Hang On


Light, compact, and comfortable, the rsxHAWK will hang in less than 30 seconds using Summit's innovative Talon Bracket System. The rsxHAWK features an extra-thick, waterproof, closed cell foam padded seat. This seat quickly flips up and out of the way to make it easy to stand with your back to the tree. Built from precision welded aluminum, the rsxHAWK features Summit's Single Cable Spreader, meaning the platform is supported by a single, self-leveling cable with a unique spreader bar below the seat. This simple feature helps eliminate the space-restricting "V" formed by 2-cable suspension systems. The leveling cable, allows yout to adjustment the platform by quickly moving one or both locking clips up or down a notch. Then, the single cable slides through the spreader bar to automatically level the platform. The Summit rsxHAWK is simply the most sophisticated hang-on stand ever designed or built.

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