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Supernova - Deluxe Kayak Lighting Kit

SuperNova Fishing Lights

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Super bright LED strips. Durable, submersible and salt water ready!

Fully Jacketed, Fully Encased and Silicone Encapsulated Strips. The ONLY strips that are fully submersible!

Excellect visibility and bait attraction!

See what's out there and most importantly, be seen by others on the water.

Enough light to easily see all structure at casting distance and get schools of bait to your boat.

The Deluxe Kayak Kit includes 2 more strips than the Basic Kit, for both the bow and stern of the kayak.

What's Included:

2- 28 LED Light Strips, 20"

2- 13 LED Light Strips, 10"

3M Adhesion Promoter

1 Switch and Boot

6 Pieces of Heat Shrink

6 Wire Management Pads

8 Tie Wraps

5 amp Fuse

6' Extra 22AWG Wire

1 In-line Fuse Holder


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