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Taylor Man's ScatterShad FH Spinnerbait


Taylor Man Custom Lures ScatterShad Spinnerbait

From Guntersville to Lake Fork to Okeechobee, anglers who laid in a store of multi-blade spinnerbaits are holding onto them and doing their best to keep them a secret. Why? Because each one is like a mini-Alabama Rig, resembling a school of fleeing shad. And the flash, clicking, and vibration is like peach cobbler with ice cream; no matter how much you've eaten, there's always room for one mouthful. That's how bass react to multi-blade spinnerbaits. And in that category, no bait comes close to Taylor Man's Custom Lures ScatterShad spinnerbait.

Scattershad FH spinnerbaits create the flash, chatter, and vibrations of an entire school of shad or minnows. Swim it across a point, over or through submerged vegetation, through the reeds, tules, and willowgrass or work it through a brush pile. The weedless hook will avoid snags but be ready to stick any gamefish that is looking for an irresistible snack.

The large top blade spin, creating turbulence and calling attention to this lure even in low light and stained water conditions. The four other blades slice back and forth in scissors movements, scattering light, clanking against each other, and driving bass and other gamefish wild!

The amazing action of this lure is complimented with Taylor Man's beautifully detailed shad heads and carefully arranged skirts (secured with silicone not cheap latex collars and wire-wrapped). The 80-strand skirt hides a free-floating weedless, wide-bend fixed Gamakatsu worm hook. Thread on a finesse worm, grub, or small minnow-style soft plastic lure and rig it weedless, and then throw it back into the thick stuff where bass are lurking in ambush.

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