Ultra-Sil ® Compression Dry Sack

Sea to Summit

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Product Details

Based on the success of our Compression Dry Sack, we've made a lighter version from 30D Ultra-Sil ®. We retained all the clever functionality of the original design with all the lightweight touches of our Ultra-Sil ® technology. The Ultra-Sil ® Compression Dry Sack compresses gear to one-third the volume while keeping it dry.


Size Variation: XS
Width: 6 in (base diameter)/
Height/Depth: 14 in/
Weight: 2.3 oz/
Volume: 6 liter to 2 liter
Color: Grey


Size Variation: S
Width: 7 in (base diameter)/
Height/Depth: 16 in/
Weight: 2.6 oz/
Volume: 10 liter to 3.3 liter

Color: Grey

Size Variation: M
Width: 8 in (base diameter)/
Height/Depth: 18 in/
Weight: 3.2 oz/
Volume: 14 liter to 4.5 liter

Color: Grey

Size Variation: L
Width: 9 in (base diameter)/
Height/Depth: 20 in/
Weight: 3.4 oz/
Volume: 20 liter to 6.7 liter
Color: Grey