Yumbrella 3 Wire Rig Kit - Tenn Spec 3 Jh'S 3 Minnows

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Cast three lures at once - Molded coupler - Stainless steel arms75-lb. swivel45-lb. snap - Includes three 4" YUM Mud Minnows & three white jigheads - Triple your chances of a strike! A multi-swimming rig, the YUM YUMbrella 3-Wire Rig Kit allows anglers to cast three lures at once to simulate a school of baitfish. For added strength, theres a 75-lb. test swivel and a 45-lb. test snap. Ready to fish, the kit includes three 4" Pearl-colored YUM Mud Minnow Paddle Tails plus three 1/8-oz. white jigheads with 3/0 hooks

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